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MS. Alessandra Stretti

  • Alessandra Stretti
Zip Zone was founded by Alessandra Stretti, within thirteen years ZIP ZONE has succeeded in the challenge in the world of fashion by building an international reputation as event organizer.

The passionate Italian has a solid background in fashion and an eye, which allow her to carefully select her brands: "I started my career in fashion 15 years ago and i was mainly motivated by curiosity.

I realised I was stimulated by discovering new products and i thought it'd be ideal for me to approach fashion as an entrepreneur." Stretti comes across as a confident and visionary character, letting herself be seduced at all times: "Zip Zone for me is about energy more than anything else. It is a place where creativity happens, where you can feel the buzz of what's new. It's about taking risks, too. I get satisfied when I can build a trustworthy relationship with a designer. I believe in fruitful collaborations and the designer's work being acknowledged and recognised."

Stretti has discovered and promoted several talents throughout her career, she also managed to create a trade show environment that does not feel like one. Walking around her Louvre location in Paris, one feels more in someone's private apartment than at a fashion venue. This intimate vibe embodies her work, as well as her acute understanding of the industry: "A designer needs a vision to succeed, but that vision has to adapt to the fashion world. You have to learn the rules of this business quickly in order to stay on top. The main challenge for designers has always been to turn their ideas into desirable products."

Like many other key players in her field, Stretti knows the importance of prospection and the incredible input new technology offers: "I'm always on the move and could not imagine my job without travelling. Putting a salon together is the fruit of a meticulous research, starting with the Internet, blogs and magazines. Most of my trade shows exploration is done in London and Milan, where I find the best brands to bring back here." ZIP ZONE located in Paris, Stretti's selection celebrates her love for the avant-garde, as well as more contemporary lines: "What I want for Zip Zone is to keep being a platform for new potentially successful talents, such as graduates from Central Saint-Martins for instance. It's fairly simple: if you pick talent from the right sources, then you're almost guaranteed to succeed.

Philippe Pourhasemi | TribaSpace